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we connect the dots..

Circle Connections is a USA based state of the art business development firm. Founded by Roy Peled, an Israeli entrepreneur aiming to assist Circle partners and chosen clientele with achieving their commercial and operational goals. Specializing in Israeli security tech, Israeli Tech, and innovation, Circle interacts with market leaders, operating across sectors, to shape growth strategies and operational improvement. We provide insightful solutions to organizations and stakeholders, decision-makers, and professional individuals. Our mission is to create significant, sustainable, measurable, and tangible value to our partner's profitability.


Strategic business connections

The art of a great interaction We take great pride in establishing short and long-term partnerships with both private and public sectors to strengthen our clients’ brands, partnerships, and market mobility.

Boots on the ground

Located and operating the beating heart of the business world, New York City is the front door to the United States of America. Optimizing our background and accumulated experience we provide representation services matching your needs.

Value Proposition

Work process

Our unique deep learning, solid, work process and a proven track record allow partners and chosen clientele integration with our team so there will be no gaps of information, We get into every detail of your team, product and business model to ensure top performance at all deal flow and market aspects.

Our language

We speak American English, we operate with Israeli passion (AKA; ‘Hootzpa’).
From branding to ‘reach out’ tactics and strategies overview,  we aspire to set the optimal path to any targeted door within the business model.


Wide, unique, multi-sector, and constantly growing American-Israeli network of business associates and market leaders, all available for Circle clients, partners and business associates at all levels.

Step by step deliverables

It all comes down to the bottom line, Circles work process pre-determent a structured deliverables list aiming to increase your efficiency moving forward in any path you choose.


roy peled (u.s.)

Roy is the CEO and founder of Circle, as a veteran of the Israeli security and intelligence establishment, Roy specializes in international business development and large-scale project management. He leverages his multi-spectrum defense, security and business expertise, experience, as well as the networks acquired in both the private and public sectors to support Circle clients in accelerating strategic growth initiatives.

board members


Advise and assist companies, institutions, and individuals on finding and defining their public purpose and vision, as well as guiding leaders in navigating an ever-complex public sphere. Oren enables leaders and executives in all three sectors to perform better in their competitive environments

Specialties: Public Policy, strategic planning, project management & mentoring.

giora levi (isr)

Giora has 20 years’ experience in executive management for global companies: Ness Technologies, SuperDimension, and Converse. In his last position, he served as CEO of a group of companies that included Alvarion Technologies and Mobile Tornado, a public company listed on LSE’s AIM.
Giora has a BA in Political Science from Bar-Ilan University and is a graduate of the INSEAD Global Executives Leadership program. He was discharged from a top elite special forces unit of the IDF with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (regular, career and reserve).

moshe shalom (isr)

Moshe has 20 years’ experience specializing in financial management, in global public companies listed on Nasdaq and in Israel (Optibase, Liveperson). In his last position, he served as CFO and Deputy CEO of Alvarion Technologies and CFO of M.T. Labs Ltd.
Moshe holds a BA in Business Administration, with a specialization in accounting, from the College of Management, and is a Certified Public Accountant.

circle connections

we connect the dots..


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